Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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St Ives Old Cornwall Society



President: Margaret M Stevens


Vice-President: Frank Stevens


Chairman: Brian Stevens  


Acting Secretary: Val Thomas   01736 794845


Treasurer: Raymond Perkins


Recorder: Frank Stevens



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Our annual subscription is £8.50, and we charge £2 for visitors.


The Society meets at 7.00 p.m. in St Ives Infant School, Trenwith Burrows on the third Monday in the month, except

for December when we meet on the second Monday.


There is plenty of free parking at the school.





   Nov. 20th: St Ives Characters captured in photographs by the late Cyril Honey, presented by Christopher Care


    Dec. 11th: Newlyn Artists - Zoe Burkett                                        





 Jan.   15th: Members Night [98th]


            Feb.  19th: The St.Ives Hain Steamship Company - Brian Stevens  


              Mar.  19th: Gathering up the fragments - Frank Stevens [Recorder]


             April. 16th: Duty & Family - Col. E. Bolitho Lord Lieutenant                                          


            May 21st: Barbican & Batttery - Val Thomas     [AGM]








The society’s May meeting was well attended , and opened by president Mick after which Trelawney was sung. Chairman Brian referred to the May Day celebrations, regretting that the society was not well represented: he also spoke of the unexplained appearance of a trader’s van on West Pier; it seems there was no consultation with the town council. This was the last meeting of the present session, and included the AGM, where Margaret Stevens accepted the position of president, and Frank Stevens that of vice president. The present committee was elected en bloc, with the addition of Val Thomas, and Raymond Perkins as the new treasurer. Thanks were offered to Mick for his services as president.

Presenter for the evening was St.Ives man Vivian Stratton, a member of the team at the Island’s lookout station for the National Coast Institution, [Golva Borthia] allied with Falmouth Coastguards that can order up rescue operations. Joining in 2015, Viv’s introduction told of how his interest in marine life has taken him all over the world where he has conducted wildlife tours for viewing dolphins, whales and sea birds, sometimes on the Scillonian with groups of visitors; in 1980 he published a book on birds.  

Returning home, Viv joined the NCI and underwent six weeks of training, as there was much to learn. Overlooking St.Ives bay and Porthgwidden beach, once the main landing place for local boats, a wide area of observation extends to an outside corridor which  larger vessels should keep within. Watch is kept on every activity in and out of the bay and harbour, everything on the water is carefully noted, especially in these days of surfers and leisure boats, and suspicious vessels; all traffic is recorded, fishing boats and their crews identified. The station is situated above the deepest water in the area where once a whale was seen, and the Lamp rock, so called because once a warning lantern was affixed there.  Viv went on to name other rocks, revealing that the tidal race around Merryn rock was dangerous because so many currents met there. During the American War of Independence St.Ives, Infantry Division mounted guns on Lamp Rock, and the bay was also defended in Napoleonic times.  Viv explained how lights are monitored, amongst them Godrevy lighthouse and various stones and bouys, which produce different flashes. Recently CCTV has been installed to screen the dangerous Hayle estuary, making the area much safer. Viv went on to answer many questions : this was a particularly interesting presentation, and much appreciated because of the local association. Thanked by Mick, Viv went on to draw the raffle, after which refreshments were served.  A new session of the society will begin at 7pm on Monday October 16th in the St.Ives Infants school. All are welcome.

















Founded: 1920


Colours: Purple

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