Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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St Gerrans & Porthscatho O C S




President: Mrs Hilary Thompson   01872 580573


Chairman: Mr Ralph German  01326 270558


Membership Secretary: Mrs Jean Rigley


Treasurer: Mrs Margaret George


Recorder:  Neville Meek   01872 581817.




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Founded: 1976


Saffron, Black & White

St Gerrans Portscatho 1895 (Clive Cudmore)


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2018-2019 Programme

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March 2019 Meeting – Cornish Mariner, Captain Joseph Banfield


At the March meeting Charlotte Mackenzie gave a talk on the career of Captain Joseph Banfield who was born in Falmouth in the mid eighteenth century. Here he lived until the age of 16, when he persuaded his parents to allow him to sign an eight year apprenticeship on an American ship which was visiting Falmouth at that time. He wrote a memoir in 1796 describing his seagoing career.

While his voyages included trading goods in the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic, he was very much involved in the slave trade, which operated from West Africa to the West Indies. He made 11 such voyages until the trade was abolished in 1807 by Act of Parliament, though trafficking continued in the Caribbean until 1811.

At times he lived in Nantucket, USA, engaged in whaling, but returned to live in Limehouse, London, where he died in 1868.

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