Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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St Agnes Old Cornwall Society



President: Barrie Bennetts


Secretary: Beryl Thomas


Treasurer: Pat Nankivell



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All indoor meetings are held on the First Tuesday of the Month


in the Methodist Church Hall St Agnes at 7.30 pm


The annual subscription is £5; visitors £2 each meeting


All are welcome so why not come and join us






Tuesday October 3rd

“Helston to Trevarno Steam Railway”

Alan Burton


Tuesday November 7th

“The Enys Estate”

Terry Chapman


      November 4th

     Winter Festival



Tuesday December 5th

“The Perraners”




Tuesday January 2nd

Local Slides and Talk

Clive Benney




The St Agnes Cuckoo


The men of St Agnes noticed that when the cuckoo was uttering its curious call, summer was nigh high. “If,” said the men of St Agnes,“we can build a hedge about the cuckoo and keep him, then shall we have summer time all the year round”. Although they built their hedge as fast as possible the bird took wing and flew away. “There now!” exclaimed the disappointed hedgebuilders, “If us had put on one daub more, us would have kep’ en in!”


This is one of many variations of the story, in all of which the poor St Agnes men are held to ridicule.






A tribute written to John Martin Rogers by the late Ruth Jennings


John Martin Rogers



Composer of Ring the Bells (referred to as the St Agnes Carol)


Ring the Bells was composed by the late John Rogers of Higher Bal.

It was a brilliant composition for a local man of those days and he gave a manuscript autographed copy to the choir master of St. Agnes Methodist Choir at that time (The late Mr. John Angwin) and it was sung by the choir every Christmas night for 50 years in succession.   John Rogers died on a Christmas morning and at the choir's Carol service, in the Wesleyan Chapel that night, Mr Angwin paid tribute to the Christian character of John Rogers and the choir stood to sing the Carol as their tribute.

For many years it was sung both indoors and in the street, as it was the choir’s custom in those years. Whatever day Christmas Day fell on there was a Carol service in the Chapel at 6.00pm followed by carol singing in the street. There would be at least 700 in the Chapel and some 50 in the Choir. So, therefore, this precious heretige (sic) should not be allowed to die.   Though it may not be known to some, sing along together and thanks to John Rogers.







1926 - listed in journal


1932 - local recorder only


1933 - re-formed / ???? - ceased


1951 - re-formed as Mount Hawke


1964 - ceased


1964 - re-formed as St Agnes


Colours: Blue & Green


Ringthebells St Agnes Banner May 2014 Trevaunance circa 1910