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The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Recording and researching Cornwall's mining history has been a core concern of Old Cornwall since its foundation and the 'Old Cornwall' journal includes many articles and reports relevant to it.  


Its inclusion here provides the opportunity for members and non-members to contribute information which may be of interest to other readers.


Over the years, a number of other societies devoted to particular aspects of industrial history have been created, notably the Trevithick Society (www.trevithick-society.org.uk), the Carn Brea Mining Society (www.carnbreaminingsociety.co.uk ) and the China Clay History Society (www.chinaclayhistory.org.uk )  


They may be able to offer an authoritative voice on these subjects.








East Blue Hills mine

East Blue Hills Mine

Mining On-line books

The Links to the hundreds of on-line books on this website have been rsearched and compiled by George Pritchard of Redruth OCS