Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Liskeard Old Cornwall Society




President: Duncan Paul Matthews, Trelowia, 27 Trecarne View, St Cleer, Liskeard, PL14 5BS. Tel: 01579-208912.


Secretary:  Duncan Paul Matthews


Treasurer: Mrs Brenda Furse


Recorder: Recorder: Mrs Paula Arthur


Archivist: Mrs Jackie Jenkins


Committee: Mrs P Arthur / Miss R Breen / Mrs B Furse / Mr D Howard / Mrs J Jenkins / Miss D Lobb

/ Mrs H Medlen / Mr J Rapson / Mr Z Leon



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Fri 10 Nov 17    The Lighter Side of the First World War

                            Di Lawer


Fri    8 Dec 17   In Search of Smugglers

                           Carol Vivian


Fri  12 Jan 18     Cornish  Eccentric Personalisties

                            Alan & Anne Cox


Fri   9 Feb 18     John Smeaton - Water, Wind & Tidal Mills

                             Duncan Paul Matthews


Fri    9 Mar 18   Jackie Research Project

                            Jackie Jenkins


Fri   13 Apr 18    Daffodils

                            Jo Totterdell (St Dominick)


Fri   11 May 18    Annual Social with Lee Dean Entertainment


*  Meetings held in the Public Hall, Longroom at 2.30pm each second Friday in the month.









On Fri 13 Oct 2017, the Liskeard Old Cornwall Society held their 89th Annual General Meeting in the Public Hall,

Longroom, Liskeard.   Sadly on this occasion their President and Honorary Secretary Mr Duncan Paul Matthews

was forced to stand down after fourteen years in office due to his wife’s declining health as was the Vice President

Mr Geoff Brown.    There were no nominees or volunteers to take up their Offices.


The Committee of ten were re-elected with one addition Mr Brian Oldham.


The next gathering of the Liskeard OCS will be at 2.30pm Fri 10 Nov 17 with an illustrated talk by Di Lawer with

her collection of WW1 Postcards.




(A ‘Has Been’ and Dinosaur)

















Founded: 1928


Colours: Blue, Gold & Red

Liskeard new Liskeard OCS Records The Parade, Liskeard. 1930s (Liskeard OCS)