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The Organisation for those who love Cornwall

'Kuntellewgh an brewyon eus gesys na vo kellys travyth'

(Gather up the fragments that are left that nothing be lost)


The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies is a  Registered Charity  No. 247283


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OCS Federation Events


Saturday 24th June 2017: FOCS Summer Festival, Padstow


Saturday 7th October 2017: AGM & Autumn Meeting, Lys Kernow, Truro


Saturday 4th November 2017: FOCS Winter Festival, Redruth,


All members of OCS are entitled to attend these festivals and meetings

Gorsedh Kernow Events


Saturday 2nd September 2017: Open Gorsedh, Launceston

OCS and Cornwall-wide Events

Redruth Revival Murder by Michael Tangye

Newquay OCS Tour Offer

Cornish in Ireland

2nd - 5th November 2017: Lowender Peran at the Hotel Bristol, Newquay

New Book - Here and There Perranporth, Cornwall & Beyond Nicknames

Saturday 20th May: Cornwall AONB Annual Conference

9.30am until 4.30pm

At Goonhilly Earth Station, Goonhilly Downs, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6LQ

Theme: Working in Partnership for Nature

Click here for details

Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

OCS Centenary

The Old Cornwall Society is approaching its 100th birthday. The organisation belongs to all its members and you are invited to submit your ideas about how this should be celebrated.

Your suggestions should be sent to me, Tony Mansell at webmaster@oldcornwall net.

They will be displayed on the website and passed to the Executive for consideration.  

London Cornish Spring Kevren March 2017 Dickie Dunstan and The Cure


Cornwall by Paul Phillips Lyonesse by Michael Gardner Memories of St Ives by E W Hutchings My Young Man's A Cornishman by Charles Causley Listen to each Cornish name A Shadow Departs by Bert Biscoe The Cornish Pixey adapted by Paul Phillips The Hundred of Lesnewth - Can You Help Looe OCS 90th Celebration Ballarat April 2017 3rd June 2017 Grand Family History Day 4th November Winter Festival at Redruth (2) Richard Trant Memorial Award Haunted by Paul Phillips Find a Speaker Proclamation at Launceston Cornish Assoc. NSW April-May 2017 Gallipoli Poem from Australia 112 Celebrating Pevsner - New Book Working at St Piran Oratory



All are welcomed to join in the St Neot Oak Apply Day celebrations and to assemble at the Car park at 6.00pm Mon 29 May 17 wearing a sprig of Boys Love, to process to the Church following the carrying of the bough of an oak tree to be hauled to the top of the Church Tower for a further year.  


This in commemoration of King Charles II's return to England and his throne in 1660, his thirtieth Birthday.    (In his escape he is alleged to have hidden in an Oak Tree).


The celebrations then continue with a BBQ to the sound of the St Neot Church Bells.


A sprig of Red Oak is worn by all up until midday when this is changed to a sprig of Boys Love.   Failure to wear the appropriate sprig in former times could result in one's bare legs being tickled with Sting-a-nettles!


All visiting Societies are invited to parade their banners in the possession.

Pentewan OCS Exhibition Poster Trevor Smitheram Rewarded Hayle OCS on the up

I came across a lovely word in 'Ark to Me' by Liz Harman.  it is 'Pandoodles'  I have added it to the list obviously but will mention more about it here as it might make a small contribution if you are a bit short sometime.

'You take some Stale bread and soak them in cold tea, then press out all the surplus liquid.  You fry sausages in your usual manner and then fry the bread in the sausage fat until crisp and brown.'  I have tried it and its very tasty, even those who don't drink tea will enjoy it I'm sure.  Whilst I was preparing and cooking this meal I pondered over the why's and where's of it; and it soon became obvious that it would have been a very inexpensive 'bulker' and tummy satisfier for both adults and ever hungry children.  (Don't squeeze out the surplus liquid or there will be nothing to fry, press it with the back of a flat slice then drop it into the pan gently.)  


Thus spake 'Masterchef'!!       Paul Phillips