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The Celtic spirit of Cornwall


St Piran’s Day Book Launch


A ground-breaking new book about bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Robert Victor Walling (1895-1976), soldier, poet, journalist and writer with a special interest in the Cornish language, is being published on St Piran’s Day, Saturday 5th March, 100 years after its original publication and exactly 121 years after the birth of the author.


“Scryfer – R.V.Walling”, has been researched and compiled by former Grand Bard Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Bryallen, the result of months of painstaking work by several bards of Gorsedh Kernow, including Stephen Gadd, Reskadinnick, who has translated Walling’s original words and designed and produced the layout.


Encouraged by his father Robert Alfred Walling, who was also a bard, the young R V Walling had been inspired by Henry Jenner’s Handbook of the Cornish Language, first published in 1904.  As he lay injured in a French military hospital during the First World War, R V Walling drew on this inspiration and turned his attention to a deeper study of Cornish and while recuperating from his injuries, he produced a magazine called “An Houlsedhas” (‘The West’), an illustrated manuscript in his own handwriting.  


“This important book is being published as a facsimilie of “An Houlsedhas” for the very first time,” said Mrs Jenkin, “and will add considerably to our broad study of the Cornish language written during the First World War.”


R V Walling was made a bard of Gorsedh Kernow in 1934 taking the bardic name Scryfer an Mor, Sea Writer.  The long awaited publication of his illustrated magazine, translated into English, has never been seen before by the general public.


“The original text has been translated by Stephen Gadd, from Camborne, a new bard living and working in London,” said Mrs Jenkin, “and he has worked extremely diligently on what has been a fascinating but sometimes difficult project.”


“This ground-breaking book is a valuable addition to other documents in the Cornish language,” said Grand Bard Merv Davey,“and Gorsedh Kernow, along with the Cornish Language Board, is very proud to support its publication.”


“Skryfer – R V Walling” will be launched by Jori Ansell, Caradok, past Grand Bardof Gorsedh Kernow and currentChairman ofthe recently launched Cornish Language Academy, at 6pm at Camborne Rugby Club, on St Piran’s Day, Saturday 5th March 2016.





Members of the press are welcome to attend the book launch in Camborne Rugby Club.  Kindly send your acceptance to Ann Trevenen Jenkin by email to pellgowser@btinternet.com  or tel 01736 850332  from whom you can also request further information about “Skryfer - R V Walling”.


“Scryfer - R.V.Walling,” A5 format, with some colour illustrations and black and white photographs, price £9.99 + postage. (Costs with postage: UK £11.50; Europe £15.00; rest of world £17.50.)  Copies of the book may be ordered and paid for in advance from Ann Trevenen Jenkin (see details above) or collected from the launch itself on 5th March or from other Gorsedh Kernow or Cornish language events during the year, where they will also be on sale.


R V Walling had a distinguished career as a journalist, interrupted by war service.  He was wounded at Passchendale and invalided out of the army.  In 1916-17, while recuperating from his injuries, he produced the magazine “An Houlsedhas” (‘The West’), an illustrated manuscript in his own handwriting.  There are three unfinished issues, each accompanied by his watercolour drawings.


There is a moving article in “Skryfer – R V Walling” by bard Tim Saunders, Bardh Gwerin, on his recollections of R V Walling, and a detailed biography by Ann Trevenen Jenkin,who compiled the book with the valuable help of Stephen Gadd, Mark Dungey, Donsyor Lanust and Esther Johns, Tamm Steren. There are several appendices, giving the flavour of Robert Walling’s writings, and the essence of his time.


R A J and R V Walling’s letters and correspondence, R V W's military handbooks, booklets on journalism, press cuttings books, newspapers, material relating to the First World War, Plymouth Corporation Grammar School Debating and Literary Society minutes and school magazines, Parliamentary elections pamphlets and reports, and miscellaneous items are all held for research at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office.


For further information about Gorsedh Kernow please contact

Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor, Communications Officer, Gorsedh Kernow,

email  communications@gorsedhkernow.org.uk  or tel  01736 799305

or visit our website www.gorsedhkernow.org.uk







The Celtic spirit of Cornwall


Holyer an Gof Publishers Awards 2017


Organisers of Gorsedh Kernow’s Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards are once again actively seeking books published between 1st January and 31st December 2016 either in Cornish or about Cornwall to enter in the 2017 competition.


“We are looking for the very best books about Cornwall or in Cornish” said Grand Bard of Cornwall Merv Davey, Telynyor an Weryn “and we are very grateful for the support we receive from all the publishers who submit entries each year.”


“Although the 2016 Awards attracted a slightly smaller number of entries than the previous year we were delighted with the wide range of subjects and specialisms,” said Holyer an Gof co-organiser Rael Harvey, Myrgh Mydroilyn.


The range of books for primary age children and young adults particularly impressed the panel of reader reviewers and the winning entry in these categories, ‘Captured’, the incredible story of 11 year old Thomas Pellow who set sail from Falmouth harbour to deliver Cornish fish to Italy, was judged a very worthy winner.


“I am utterly delighted that ‘Captured’ was awarded a Holyer an Gof award” said 2016 winning writer Craig Green, “and if that wasn’t enough, it was also awarded the Gorsedh Kernow Ann Trevenen Jenkin cup, a trophy awarded to the outstanding children’s book of the year.”


“I was flabbergasted,” said Craig Green, accepting the award for himself and illustrator Oliver Hurst, “such a brilliant evening!”


There is still time to submit entries and all books about Cornwall or the Cornish language and people published between 1st January and 31st December 2016 are eligible.


The closing date for entries is Tuesday 28th February 2017.



























2016 Winners



For further information about Gorsedh Kernow please contact Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor, Communications Officer, Gorsedh Kernow,  email  communications@gorsedhkernow.org.uk  or tel  01736 799305


For further information about the Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards please contact Peter Harvey, Godhonyth an Nor, email enquiries@holyerangofawards.org.uk or tel 01209 719321



The Holyer an Gof Publishers' Awards are promoted annually by Gorsedh Kernow for publications relating to Cornwall or the Cornish language and her people and were launched in 1996 in memory of Redruth Publisher and Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh, Leonard Truran, whose bardic name was Holyer an Gof - Follower of The Smith.


Books published between 1st January and 31st December 2016 are eligible for entry into the 2017 Awards.  The closing date for entries is Tuesday 28th February 2017.


These prestigious awards are becoming a must-have for publishers and were established and organised by members of Gorsedh Kernow to raise the standard and profile of publishing in Cornwall.


An extensive panel of readers, drawn mainly from the Gorsedh Kernow College of Bards and others with particular expertise, review carefully all the books submitted each year by publishers.


Winning entries in each one of 12 categories are announced and prizes awarded at a special Presentation evening at Waterstones in Truro, with each category winner receiving a certificate from  Gorsedh Kernow.


The Holyer an Gof Trophy, given by and presented on behalf of the late Joan Truran, is perpetual and awarded for the most outstanding entry in the competition.


Nominees and winners of all the Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards will be publicised through a press release and Gorsedh Kernow’s website http://www.gorsedhkernow.org.uk/holyerangof.html


You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Gans gorhemynadow an gwella - with best wishes


Delia Brotherton

Myrghwyn Melynor

Communications Officer


Holyer winners 2016