Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Cury & Gunwalloe Old Cornwall Society



Chairman: Priscilla Oates, I Colvennor Cottages, Cury TR12 7BJ, 01326240887, priscilla.oates@btinternet.com


Treasurer: Laurence Garner, The Stable. Merries Barnes, Cury TR12 7RA, 01326 241356


Membership Secretary:  Penelope Oates, Oaklands, Cury TR12 7BH, 01326 240654





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Founded: 2018






Cury Village Hall

























At the January meeting of Cury & Gunwalloe Old Cornwall Society Members were dressed up warm ready to take their drink and a piece of toast to a nearby orchard where they carried out the Wassail; on the apple trees. The toast was for the robins and the drink (whatever it was) was thrown against the tree to help fertility.


Returning to the Village Hall there was a nice warming cup of tea ready after which Glen Humphreys gave a presentation on Cornish apples and told us which ones were best for eating, cooking and cider making.


We will be doing a project on apple orchards in our area and recording where they are and the type of apple grown.


There is no meeting in February as we are having our dinner; our next meeting will be from 7.00pm Thursday, 14th March at 7.30p.m at Cury Village Hall.