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The Taves an Tir project is proud to announce that the Heamoor/ Madron Cornish place-names and surnames book


The Taves an Tir project is proud to announce that the Heamoor/ Madron Cornish place-names and surnames book has been launched. Available from the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek website http://www.cornish-language.org/ and ‘Kowsva’; 6 Artists Muse Heartlands, Pool., it is available for sale for the price of £4. The booklet is a result of volunteer led research by the Taves an Tir project and has the bilingual title Henwyn Tyller An Hay ha Pluwvadern, Place-Names of Heamoor, Madron and its People.

The booklet is 70 pages long and documents place-names throughout the old parish of Madron which extends into modern day Penzance and nearly to the north Penwith coast Each place-name has its own entry with historical examples given, a translation into Cornish and any other important historical items to note. It is the most comprehensive work on Cornish place-names dedicated to this area. It also includes some commonly found Cornish surnames and their origins and translations

Project Officer Rob Simmons said: “I am delighted to see the booklet published and very impressed with the quality of it. Many thanks must go to the volunteers who have put so much time and effort into making this project a success in Heamoor and the high quality of the booklet is a testament to their hard work.

There are so many amazing things to be learnt from place-names and the Cornish language in general. It is easy to take the place-names all around us for granted but a quick flick through the booklet unlocks a great deal about local history and heritage. At all of the Taves an Tir events we have found that people are really surprised and intrigued to find out so much about their own communities by considering the Cornish language. Personally it has changed how I see places, I’d never before considered for example that Bosiliack comes from the Cornish Boshowlyek meaning a sunny dwelling. Or that Trereife (Treruv) means farm of the king. It’s almost bewildering to me that the names we use everyday we don’t understand, it’s really opened my eyes to the way I see the are and I implore people to buy a booklet and see what they’ve been missing.”

The booklet was recently launched at the Madron Old Cornwall Society exhibition at Landithy Hall Madron. The Taves an Tir project aided by volunteers had a display there showcasing the importance of place-names and the Cornish language. This summer the project will do a tour of various museums across Cornwall, to find out more about these dates and other information about the project please contact Project Officer Rob Simmons tavesantir@gmail.com

Taves an Tir -meaning the tongue of the land- is a community project run by  the charity Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other partners; Maga, Kesva an Taves Kernwek, the Cornwall Heritage Trust, the Carew Pole Trust, Lanivet Parish Council, Penzance Town Council and Redruth Town Council. The aim of Taves a Tir is to foster and encourage knowledge in the Cornish language in the landscape around us. Unlocking the mystery of the Cornish language heritage in the everyday lives of people in Cornwall. The project has done work in three areas of Cornwall; Lanivet, Heamoor and Tolgus. In each of these areas the project has held public engagement events and recruited volunteers who have done the research into the historical forms of the Cornish language in the areas local to them.  

2016-5-6_45443 (2) (1) Rob and Steve

Rob Simmons Project Officer (on the left) and Steve Penhaligon Volunteer Co-ordinator (on the right) with the Taves an Tir display at the Landithy Hall Madron.

The Cornish Buildings Group Conference - April 2017


The Cornish Buildings Group are pleased to announce further details of our 2017 conference based around the theme of architectural design for Cornwall. The one-day conference, which is produced in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (SW), Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Architectural Trust, will debate the question


‘What architectural design philosophy is appropriate for “a land apart”?’.


Speakers will cover various aspects of good architectural design including place-making, critical regionalism and local distinctiveness. Moreover a wide-range of organisations will be represented in the debate including the Adam Architecture, Architecture Centre, Devon and Cornwall, Cornish Buildings Group, Cornwall AONB, Cornwall Council, Design Review Panel, Duchy of Cornwall, English Heritage, Ney and Partner (Brussells) the Princes Foundation for building Community, University of Manchester and William Matthews Associate (London).


Paul Holden, Chairman of the Cornish Buildings Group, said ‘We are fortunate to have such prominent partners and excellent speakers on board to deliver what will be the most engaging, honest and open debate to be had on architectural design for many years. The day will allow us to focus on what makes Cornwall special and how the built environment contributes to our beautiful surroundings’.


The one-day conference will be held at the Burrell Theatre at Truro School on Friday 7 April 2017. Tickets are £15 each which includes a pasty lunch and refreshments.  For more details either go to the conference website page https://sites.google.com/site/cornishbuildingsgroup/ or email cornishbuildingsgroup@gmail.com


Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council Portfolio Holder for Planning and Environment Strategy,  who will open the conference said, ‘I welcome the opportunity for us to discuss this important issue in Cornwall. Quality of design is critical to providing the multiple benefits we need from new development. I am keen to see how we consider the settings for our new buildings, how can they make least impact and actively improve the landscape and ecological system they sit within to deliver environmental growth across all areas of Cornwall.’

Jane Hamlyn, Former Chair of RIBA Cornwall and The Cornwall Architectural Trust said 'We are very pleased to be involved with this conference and to have the chance to raise the profile of design in the county'.


For further information or to express an interest to present or to attend, please contact Paul Holden, Chairman of the Cornish Buildings Group on 01208 265963 or by email cornishbuildingsgroup@gmail.com




Since 1969 the aims of the Cornish Buildings Group have been to stimulate an interest, appreciation and knowledge of good building in Cornwall, and to encourage the erection, protection, repair and recording of such buildings.

Local Development programme for Cornwall


1. The forthcoming Community Led Local Development programme for Cornwall is now beginning to look for potential projects that may benefit from the programme.  If you have any project ideas please visit the website, communityledcornwall.co.uk  where you will find the relevant form. This will be a EU funded programme but the current advice from those running the programme is to take a “'business as usual' approach until we hear differently"


2. Please also see below an invitation to the next Heritage Kernow Forum:


----- Original message -----

From: Haycock Richard < rhaycock@cornwall.gov.uk >

To: Haycock Richard < rhaycock@cornwall.gov.uk >

Subject: Heritage Kernow Forum Invitation

Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2016 09:05:49 +0000


Dear Recipient,


Ertach Kernow (Heritage Kernow) Board would like to invite you to a full meeting of the Heritage Kernow Forum, to take place at The Council Chamber, New County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY on 29th July 2016 from 11am-1pm.   Please feel free to arrive for networking with other attendees in the Long Gallery (outside the Council Chamber) from 10:30.


Meetings of the Heritage Kernow Forum take place twice yearly and are open to all with an interest in the cultural heritage and historic environment of Cornwall. The Ertach Kernow Board, has been created by the Cornwall Devolution Deal, signed by Government and Cornwall Council in 2015, to ‘develop a local vision for heritage’.


At the Forum event Board Members will present our emerging work programme, followed by a discussion session.   There will also be space within the Long Gallery for poster presentations – this would be an ideal opportunity to present work that your group may be undertaking, or seek consultation and co-operation with others.


Attendance will be limited to around 100 participants – please use the Eventbrite booking system to reserve places for members of your groups, please contact Richard Haycock rhaycock@cornwall.gov.uk to discuss bringing along a poster presentation.


Please feel free to circulate this invitation to any other people you feel may be interested.


Kind Regards,


Daniel Ratcliffe, on behalf of the Ertach Kernow Board.


3.  There is a further invitation to participate in the Cornwall Council review of how Cornwall is governed and managed.  A series of public meetings will be held, more details are available on this web-page:



4. Please also see attached information about a talk on the Plen an Gwari by Will Coleman in Penryn on Monday, 17th July and an exhibition in Helston of the Taves an Tir project between 20th - 30th July.


Gans gorhemynnadow a'n gwella


Bewnans Kernow: The Partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations

Carwynnen Quoit


Up at the Quoit


On Saturday 2nd July, we celebrated the Picnic at the Quoit to commemorate the life of Pip Richards. Beneath a marquee on the Frying Pan field, which is now known as 'Pip's Field', friends, family and supporters gathered to share stories and pay their respects to Pip.


There were speeches from television archaeologist Julian Richards and Sustrust chairman Andy Norfolk, and songs around the capstone by the Red River Singers. Display boards had been put up exhibiting photos from throughout Pip's life, and visitors brought food and activities to share around.


Joe Fenn, Pip's husband, said "The day went very well and we had a good number of people turn up. It really was a fitting send-off and we had people come from all over the place. Lots of people sat out and had picnics; it was lovely.


'Children were able to play around the capstone and it was the perfect opportunity for people to come and pay their respects. All being well, we'll make the celebration of Pip's life an annual event."










































Image by James Kitto





Down in the Woods


New Project for Summer 2016: Discover Crenver Grove




'Discover Crenver Grove' is one aspect of a wider research project by Ryan Putt, Masters student at Plymouth University. The project aims to explore how people perceive woodland landscapes in South West England and uncover the qualities that influence perception.


Come and find the Landscape Activity Boxes hidden around the woodland! Take a look inside and complete tasks that will allow Ryan to develop an understanding of the cultural value of Crenver Grove.


For more details on Ryan's project, please take a look at the 'Activity Trail' and 'Project Poster' information sheets attached to this email.


Tree Cycling Workshop


On Tuesday 5th July, 14 exhilarated children from Trevithick School rode through Crenver Grove. Different stops were made en route at specially-created bike parks – some of which were secret stops and shelters that Dave Davies from Sustrans and sustainability artist Dominica Williamson had prepared for the children.


At the final stop, a shelter in the woods with a camp fire, the children put their newly-learned skills and awareness to use and created small woodscapes – miniature ecosystems with materials found in the grove. Through collecting objects such as plant matter, stones and soil, as well as assembling words and colours, the children developed their sensory skills whilst also contributing to nature.


Data collected through this workshop will appear on maps about the woods, which are to be exhibited in Crenver Grove in the autumn.  The maps and woodscapes will also travel to the Royal Geographical Society’s International Annual Conference in London on 1st September.


The workshop is part of a Leverhulme Trust Plymouth University project called Tagscape - www.tagscape.co.uk. It is the first event in the woods since the passing of Pip Richard. ‘It is a fantastic woodland for the community’, says Dominica, ‘A wonderful gift that Pip has left.’


www.sustrust.co.uk  www.giantsquoit.org www.thegiantoutdoors.org

01209 831718 07789600941 @giantsquoit @sustrust

see Sustrust or Carwynnen Quoit on Facebook


Celebrating the life of Pip Activity Trail - Landscape Activity Boxes Project Poster - Discover Crenver Grove Cornish Buildings Group 2017 Conference