Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

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Cornish Music Archive

Argh Ilow Kernow

(Cornish Music Archive)



What is the Cornish Music Archive?


A catalogue of Cornish music in the form of a searchable on-line database which will link to music and audio files as well as giving detailed information about provenance and composers.




Who is involved?


The Institute of Cornish Studies (Exeter University) and Lowender Peran but is supported by a number of Cornish organisations including the Old Cornwall Societies and Kresen Kernow.




Where will the archive be held?


Kresen Kernow when it opens in Redruth in 2018.  


One of the exciting aspects of the project is that it will link in to the web sites and social media of the supporting organisations where there will be the stories of the choirs, bands, groups, personalities and performances behind Cornish music as well as providing links to current events.




What sort of music is being archived?


Cornish Folk and Traditional Music: led by Merv Davey Bardh Meur Kernow

Cornish Carols: led by Kate Neal

Brass Bands: led by Tony Mansell

Cornish Hymns:

Cornish Choirs:


Other genres as considered appropriate







"The archive is an integral part of Kresen Kernow collections and any material donated through the Cornish Music Archive will remain in the custody of Kresen Kernow if the CMA ceases to exist as an organisation, unless the CMA stipulates an alternative when the depositor agreement is signed."