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'Kuntellewgh an brewyon eus gesys na vo kellys travyth'

(Gather up the fragments that are left that nothing be lost)


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Ivor Corkell


Most of you will know that, following a set back, Ivor was re-admitted to hospital.  He is now home again and has made some progress.  Once again thank you for all the cards and messages which, now he is home, he is able to enjoy all over again.  Apart from the various support personnel who will be visiting to give speech and neuro rehabilitation it is still no visitors I am afraid.


Kind regards, Lynette

Calendar Conundrum

It was December 1935 at Crosscoombe Chapel and the soprano singer was in full flow when an explosion stopped her in mid cadenza. The chapel superintendents rushed out to catch the perpetrators but they were nowhere to be seen. Little did they know that the guilty parties were sat amongst them, stifling a smile. With a plan that was clearly modelled on the Gunpowder Plot, Doug Mitchell and Jim Boundy had brought the concert to an explosive and premature finish.

Doug takes up the story. “We had a couple of bangers left over from Guy Fawkes Day and I made up a long fuse out of binder twine, candle wax and iron filings. We put the device in the tool shed under the organ loft and took our places in the audience. We waited and waited but nothing happened, so we assumed that the fuse had gone out. We’d obviously miscalculated on our fuse design because suddenly there was a huge double explosion; it was much louder than we expected and seemed to rock the place. Despite the fact that Jim and I were always up to mischief we were never suspected of carrying it out. Well, it was only a bit of youthful exuberance”. (From Jericho to Cligga)

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